Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm still stitching away on my little take along project...
but I had a VERY sad event.
I LOST one of the finished blocks!!!

There WERE 5 pre-printed squares..
and now there are only FOUR.
The one I lost was FINISHED too!!!
I was so sad when I realized one was missing.
I REALLY think it dropped out
or was left on the chair in the waiting room
at my daughter's eye doctor.
I've called TWICE
to see if it turned up.

Would someone TAKE it??
I'm still hopeful it will show up!
IF it doesn't..
I have a PLAN!
IF I can find some white cotton that matches...
I'll be drawing the pattern with washable blue marker
using a finished one as my GUIDE.
LOTS of work...
but WORTH it!
I already have the quilt worked out...
sort of...
in my HEAD!
I need FIVE embroidered squares.

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