Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My love affair with squares continues.
I will never get tired of the SIMPLE square.

Pieced some 2" lovelies together yesterday.

Found some gifted fabric
that will make a HAPPY quilt.

Squared up my 16 patches to 6 1/2".
They just needed a LITTLE trimming!

Cut some 6 1/2" squares from that FUN fabric.
Quickly cut 2 1/2" squares out of the leftover piece on the right.

Put them IMMEDIATELY into the 2 1/2" drawer....
READY for the next time I need 2 1/2"

Loving the process of sewing as I admire my blocks!
They watch me from the floor as I work.

Stacks of Blocks are Piling up.
2" of mostly OLD fabric
the NEW 6 1/2" HAPPY fabric!!!
If you look REALLY close
you might even see 2" of Christmas!

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