Monday, July 29, 2013


Bought this SWEET little pack of charms.
You know..
and I know...
It's DANGEROUS walking into a quilt shop!
**Even getting NEAR a quilt shop
can be hazardous
to your pocket book!
These little packs don't cost too much
and they always get me GOING
on a NEW scrappy quilt!!!!
If I'm going to buy something...
It's usually one of these SWEET little Lovelies!

I'm adding 2" squares
(from the scrap drawer)
and some white.
Finding out that not ALL my 2" scrappy squares
are 2"!!!!!
Some are 2 1/4"!!
EASY to fix THAT one!!!
As long as I FIX before SEWING it UP!!!!
 After it's ALL sewn up...
It's NOT so easy!!!

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