Saturday, April 20, 2013

Polka dots to the rescue

I had this little quilt ALLWRAPPED up....
and then...
I remembered to take a picture!
I like to document every quilt....
(and this blog is my way of doing that!)
But sometimes I get so CAUGHT up with giving it away...
I forget!
Glad I caught myself
BEFORE it was gone.

This quilt was made using some orphan blocks
that have been accumulating at my house!
The center looks like an unfinished round the world.
There weren't enough blocks to go around the outside...
so I added some polka dots!
Polka dots make ANY quilt
a FUN quilt!!!
The back was a fun one to piece!
Lots of polka dots here too!

MORE polka dots!
Another orphan block quilt!!!

Let me tell you!
It took me LONGER to FIND these orphan blocks
than it did to piece this one together!!!
I had struggled to find fabric for the alternate blocks in this quilt
and had the little pieced blocks
folded up INSIDE a larger piece of fabric!!!!
Once they were FOUND....
it took NO TIME AT ALL
to piece the quilt!
3 hours searching.
1 hour (max) sewing.
Thanks to those who sent me orphans.
I've been trying hard to find NEW homes
for your beauties!
I'm having some fun!

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