Friday, April 12, 2013

Free piecing on Friday

It's Friday.
I'm beginning a quilt!!!
I love beginnings.
This time I'm FREE piecing.

Here are my first THREE blocks.
It's easy to free piece.

It begins with pulling scraps.
If they look good all piled up on your table....
Then they will look GOOD in your quilt!!!
That's MY theory.

I try to get some contrast as I move out strip by strip.
Sometimes there's a LOT of contrast when white is added...
sometimes there's not much contrast at all.
The only thing I'm aiming for is...

2 blocks with a LIGHT center.
(half log cabin block)

2 blocks with a DARK brown center.

Put 'em together...
and what do you get????
A funny four patch in the middle
and some happy scraps...
because THEY found a HOME!
Have a great weekend!
Do some FREE piecing....
and WATCH!
Your pile of lonely scraps will become a QUILT!

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