Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do you make tshirt quilts?

At least once a year I'm asked to make a tshirt quilt for someone.
I don't LOVE making them...
but I always say YES!!
Maybe it's the pocket change I earn...
Maybe it's because I KNOW how much they mean to people!
I went away on vacation last week
this quilt was waiting for me.
Waiting for a WRESTLING match!!!
Waiting for me to BASTE....


and QUILT!!!
(quilting these babies
is the hardest part for ME!)
It WAS a wrestling match....
The secrets to WINNING for me are:
1. spray basting
(I spray basted today while at church
where there are tables BIG enough
to spread the quilt out!)
2. using TAPE to mark.
3. quilting VERY sparingly (lines 4"-5" apart)
4. WAVY lines with a free motion foot.

Can you guess what kind of music
this young adult likes???

I'll let you GUESS!
Hint: Look at the colors in the border.

I had some fabric that worked for the backing too!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
This 74"x84" memory quilt
is now BEHIND me!
How about YOU???
Are YOU ever asked to make a tshirt quilt??
What do you say?

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