Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm cleaning and organizing my
"NEW to me" sewing room.
My almost married daughter found
an apartment this weekend.
I didn't waste any time.
She's gone...
and I'm IN!!!
As I moved things around I came across this little
Don't think I've shared about it before.
If I have...
you'll have to see it again.

These are supposed to be flowers in the pot.

I covered heavy duty interfacing for the pot
and machine stitch doodled on top.
I used some light weight wire for the stems.
You can see how I attached it all on the back here.
Kind of messy.  :/

But it does the trick.

I also have a finished rug!!

Made with t-shirt yarn.
Woven on my trip...
Ready for the shop!
Happy Monday to you!

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