Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pile of Paws!

I now a have very respectable PILE!
Maybe, JUST maybe, I have enough!

I've been laying them out.
This way...
That way....
I've almost decided they'll be on point.
That means....
What fabric will I fill in the corners???

While I'm deciding that....
I'll just admire all the pretty vintage blocks!!!

Each block contains 4 squares of vintage fabric.
They're ALL different!
In each block I used a solid that is also old, vintage fabric.
The bear paw block has points.
The points came out of my scraps...
so they're the only part of the block
that is NOT old!
Ooh! The center block is also from
my stash!
I loved digging around here for some
complimentary POINTS
and that little center square!!!
Old and NEW together.
Love. it.


  1. So the scrappiness of it!

  2. Love Love Love Bear Paws, and especially love scrappy ones :*) This will be gorgeous!!!

  3. Amazing!!!!
    when did you start these???
    looking forward to seeing this project come together

  4. Great looking blocks! Thank you for passing along the formula for using up the old and the new, too. It's a great idea!

  5. Your blocks look fabulous! They're going to make a beautiful quilt! :0)

  6. I love how you mixed and matched the claws. Looks like each of the bears has a designing pedicurist. I can see the nail shop now, filled with bears all wanting designs on their nails. (Sounds like a children's book, doesn't it?)

  7. Oh how pretty, won't this be so fun to put together, all those fabrics, all those memories! Delightful :0)

    Happy Sewing

  8. They are fabulous. when I started quilting this was a block I didn't like but now I really like this block. Weird how tastes can change.

  9. Oh Beth, these really are fabulous---I do love scrappy Bear Paw blocks. :)