Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A question for you....

I'm hosting the Thanksgiving meal this year...
Are you??
I'm really dragging my feet about putting my machine away.
It lives MOST of the time on my dining room table.
(We have a kitchen table for every day family meals)
I clean up the dining room table once in a while when we host meals..
and it's usually not much of an issue.
I'm feeling some pain this time.
A Separation kind of pain.
Maybe the problem is...
I just don't like to CLEAN!????
Could be.
I'm waiting until the
VERY last minute to put my machine away
and set the table!!!
I've been cleaning up AROUND it...
and KNOW
that the hour will come soon
when it will be relegated to the closet.
here's what I've been wondering:
Do you sew in a communal area of your home like me?
Do you have your own ROOM????
(I had a room for 9 months
and it was HEAVENLY!!!)
Leave a comment..
and check the voting box in the sidebar.
Maybe you're feeling MY kind of pain too!


  1. I briefly had my own sewing room...I am now back to the dining room table. Not a biggy, as my family prefers eating in the living room ;-) My husband brought in another table for me so that the dining room table would be cleared. Didn't work, I have machines set up on BOTH tables :-)

  2. I am so spoiled I have a huge sewing room with three machines set up and I never have to put anything away. It really is a magically space that stirs my imagination and lets me zone out into a meditative place at the same time.

    You get so much done even with having no space of your own...well done Beth!

    Happy Sewing

  3. I have been all over. The dining room for so long, I made the kids all it the sewing room. Then I took on converting space in the basement. I cleared, painted, put up ceiling tiles and had a carpet installed. It was a little lonely vs the dining room, but a sanctuary. Then Irene hit, and we ad a foot of water in the basement! Fortunately, we'd had th foresight to move everything upstairs. Now, I use what used to be the guest room. It is very small, but I love it. I am pushing to rearrange rooms and take over what is now the office. We'd get the guest room back, plus I'd be a little more in the action of the family.

  4. I feel your pain! I sew on the kitchen table where everything happens in my little house. Most of the time I keep my machine either on the table or in it's case on the floor right next to the table when I know I'm too busy to sew for a couple of days. For a Thanksgiving gathering it all gets banished to a back closet which does make me sad, although this year I brought her (yes my machine is a she) came right back out Friday morning. :) That made me happy.

  5. I have a 10 x 10 room that was my home office for my business for many years. When I retired I got rid of all of my old office stuff and converted it into my sewing room. I have a small computer station and filing cabinets for the health related administrative paperwork I still need to track, but the rest of the room is taken over with my sewing cabinet, cutting table, rolling cart for miscellaenous sewing supplies, and four square cubbies that hold fat quarters and thread. I have the rocker my DH bought me when I was pregnant with our son situated right next to my cutting table. It is in front of a window so I get GREAT light for reading when I am not sewing. I have a good amount of storage in the closet that my husband outfitted with shelves. I would really LOVE to find room for two six-section lockers, but the room is really maxed out on space. I may at some point take over my son's bigger room (when he moves out), but I don't know if it will feel like "home". This small room has been "mine" for 22+ years and I don't know if I will be able to leave it!


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