Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A simple house

Were you interested in coming to the blogland party,
but weren't sure how to build a house??
This one's for YOU!

Begin here.
Find a door in your scraps...
CUT a door!
Red is a welcoming color!
Maybe you have a small piece of fabric
that says it EVEN better!!!
My door is 2 1/2"x3 1/2"

Add the walls.
3 1/2"x 3 1/2"

Add the top part of the house.
2 1/2"x 9"
9" is a bit too long....
but I like to make things a little bigger and

Add your outside garden.
These panels are 3"x 5 1/2"
You're shooting for a 12 1/2" width...
So again.....leave a little elbow room
You'll trim at the very end.

The roof is the trickiest part.
I like to choose a fabric...
lay it on top of my house...
and just EYEBALL the rooftop as I cut!!!
The ONLY thing you have to worry about
is getting it TOO tall!
your block is 12 1/2".

It's a little lopsided....
that's o.k.
I think it will look EVEN better
than if it were perfectly symmetrical!

Lay the roof on top of your sky fabric.
My sky fabric is 7" wide/tall.

Use your roof as your cutting guide.
Cut ONE diagonal line.

sew it on.

Lay the roof down on sky again.

Cut a second diagonal line.

sew it together.
Trim sides to fit your house block.
* don't trim to 12 1/2" YET!!!
Keep your block bigger.
You can trim it when you're ALL DONE!

Add a small front yard.
I think mine is 2"

Sew it on. can trim your block!!!
I'm going to add a little doorknob to my door.
Maybe it will be a button...
maybe it will be embroidered on....
There are LOTS of possibilities!!!
Some clouds would be nice too.......
Be creative with your house block!
Have FUN!
Add a couple of details!
Add your blog name IF you have one.
Quilters without blogs ARE VERY WELCOME as well!!!
I hope ALL of you will be coming to the party!
I look forward to seeing your houses
and also...
getting some CHARITY blocks
to make into QUILTS!!!!
Happy SEWING!!!


  1. I love house blocks. And I love wonky. Thank you for this most excellent, easy to understand wonky house block tutorial : )

  2. I have all things prepped - my 'stitching fix' each night from the show. Great tutorial for an easy house.

  3. That's a homey little house (tutorial).

  4. What a wonderful tutorial. I've made 3 houses but ill make a few more... They're such fun to make!


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