Monday, February 13, 2012

sewing with friends

I was able to sew with friends on Saturday.
We began a quilt for a GIRL.....

And one for a BOY.
These quilts will be given to graduating senior high school students
who attend our church.

We used up LOTS of scraps sewn onto paper foundations.......

And SMILED the WHOLE time!!!


  1. I've never met any fellow quilters or sewers and must look out for some in my area/ South East Cornwall.

  2. Great scrap quilts! Those teens will love them.

  3. Wonderful quilts, love the orange center in the blue!

  4. oh wow i love the orange in the middle of those blocks

  5. Sounds like a great time. Those quilts are sure to be loved.

  6. Oh, those are very cool, Beth! I love that you do this for your graduating seniors!! We just have too many in our church to work these in, unfortunately.......

  7. Isn't it fun to spend the day doing what you love with friends!?

  8. Wow,This look so fabulous.You spend more time in this thing for make.I really like this.

    codice sconto

  9. that is SO special! A whole quilt! Our church gives flannel comforters to each new baby. We have a sewing circle that meets monthly to work on this project and then on charity projects too.


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