Friday, February 3, 2012


Well....I wasn't going to quilt this little quilt....
I was going to fold it up and put in the stack of
"Someday" quilts.
In the middle of the week I was transformed

I had already quilted one baby quilt...and knew I could do this one too!!!
I had this cute fabric in my stash for the backing.
Just enough!

And I had these swirls in my mind.
It's such a tiny went FAST!!!

Then....I was rewarded for my efforts!!!

I visited a friend yesterday and ran into this quilt!
It was hanging on her sofa! :)
This is one of my FIRST, REAL, Follow the PATTERN kind of quilt!
This was a mystery quilt
designed by someone in the guild and made at the
VERY first retreat I ever went on!
What an eye opener that retreat was!
I had no idea how many quilters there were.....
How many quilt shops there were...
How many quilt magazines there were.... 
I spent a lot of time on the quilt tag.

I rolled the backing over to the front
because I didn't know how to add a binding!

I even handquilted it!!!

What a nice reward to see this at the end of my week!
I see I've learned a lot about quilting over the last few years...
which inspires me to learn EVEN more in the future!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!
Hope it includes some sewing! ;)


  1. Such a sweet little quilt :D
    I know how you feel about seeing the quilt in use. When I hear about baby blankets that I made being used until they are worn, I feel wonderful.

  2. Can I send you a few of my quilts that need to be quilted. Seeing as you have become a quilting machine. hee hee.
    Isn't it fun to see a first quilt and see how you have progressed?

  3. Love both quilt! I have some of the backing fabric on the 2nd one! I did the same 'rolling' binding when I started too. Great work. :-)

  4. Wow that is a great effort, I like it very much and would be thrilled
    to receive it for a gift. Looks like your friend was too.

    You've come a long way in a short time Beth!

    Happy Sewing

  5. How wonderful to see that your friend still appreciates your lovely quilt. I love the label. It really adds to the beauty of the gift. Great baby quilt. I love the colors and the angled border really sets it off.

  6. Another sweet baby quilt. And how cool is it to see that someone loves a quilt you made for them!!

  7. The baby quilt is very sweet. Great colors! And your first quilt ever? WOW! Fantastic!

  8. The baby quilt is adorable........I know what you mean by becoming a "quilting machine".......sometimes I just can't put it down til it is all done!

  9. How fun to see your creation in someone else's home! It's a beauty, too!

  10. Love your little quilt - the colors are so nice! And isn't is wonderful to have one ready to give at a moment's notice? And I'm very impressed with your first "real" quilt - very pretty!! It is fun to go back and look at older work to see how you've progressed..... Whoop whoop!!

  11. What a cute little baby quilt and you did a wonderful job on the quilting! Sometimes "finished" is better than "perfect"!!! It's so much nicer to have that little quilt done instead of sitting on a shelf waiting to come out. That's my concentration this year - getting all my tops quilted so they can enjoy the light of day =^..^=

  12. I love what you did with the little quilt on the first pic. how very pretty... and i had to closely inspect how you took the corners with the quilting....very clever..
    How very fortunate to find your first quilt. I still have mine, and it's SO interesting to see how they were made.... and then to know how far we've grown since then....and how well we realize that the learning is endless really!
    as're so sweet!

  13. how fun to run into one of your own quilts!!! the little one you finished looks great. i love the quilting. do you use a long arm?

  14. How very nice to see someone appreciating your that early quilt and the hand quilted design.

    I can't get over how even those loopies are-I thought at first glance it must be a programmed design!

  15. What a great story! Your work on display is always a great feeling of appreciation!
    Whoop Whoop!


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