Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a little something

I had this little bit of flannel in the stash
I wanted to make a bib
for the new grandbaby...

The Challenge was:
It couldn't be PINK!

This teddy bear print was the right color
but needed to be
I think the lace and yo-yo did the trick.

Here's the back.
Just another piece of flannel.

That was so fun...
think I'll make another!!

I'm adding this to Fabric Tuesday!


  1. That is precious, Beth!! You added the perfect touches to make it girlie without any pink!
    So cute.

  2. oooh i love girly without being pink!

  3. Very nice! I want to make some more bibs. I gave many to my sister for her boy, and I love that when I was visiting this summer, he was wearing them.