Thursday, September 8, 2011

My simple card trick

This little tute is for the simple minded like me.
For the people who don't like
Numbers. :/
For those who would like to make a simple
3 color card trick block.

There are only TWO numbers to remember
5 and 4 1/4.
Those are the numbers I CHOSE.

5 for the 5" squares you'll cut to begin.
4 1/4" for the 4 1/4" inch squares you'll end up with
after trimming.

You can choose others.

I cut 9 squares
3 of each color.

Take two background squares
and ONE of each of the other colors.
Draw diagonal line.

Sew and Cut.

Here are the Four corners of your card trick block.

Now take one of each color.

Cut TWO diagonal lines.
Four pieces each.
Four tiny triangles from each color.

Make your center piece.
Set other tiny triangles aside for a minute.

Here are your LAST two 5" squares.
Cut once on the diagonal.

Using the LAST of your cut pieces.
Lay them out like this.
And sew together.

It might help to fill in your other pieces...
so there's no "mix up" :)

You should have NINE squares ready to be
a CARD TRICK block.

PLEASE do not SEW them together YET!
You may have noticed.....
They're ALL different sizes.
This should be the smallest one.
I trimmed mine to 4 1/4".

You need to trim everything else to 4 1/4".

When you trim this one...
Make sure that diagonal line on your ruler goes
RIGHT through the BOTTOM two triangles.
the 4 1/4" sits RIGHT on the two outside corners.

You can sew the squares together.
And this.....

Is what you'll get.
A block that measures.....
Almost 12".
Mine's 12"....but there's something wrong somewhere.
Am I worried?

I think it should be 11 3/4"
 I did my math right.
And You know me....
I don't like math.
I DO like quilt blocks though.
I'm going to KEEP on SEWING!

NOTE: IF you do want a 12 1/2" block...
just begin with squares that are 5 1/2"
and trim them to 4 1/2".
I think that'll do it.


  1. Good pictures and instructions. Very nice tutorial! Thank you, Beth. Truly a FUN block to look at :D

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Beth! I'm thinking I may try some really big numbers and make a top with just one card trick!

  3. Thanks for this, I'll have to bookmark this and give it a try. I made a couple of card trick blocks for a birthday exchange, and got so mixed up I hated it, but your steps simplify it. Thanks!

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  5. Thanks for sharing the guidance for making such a wonderful card.
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  6. Thank you for such an easy explanation for this quilt top. I have one to do for someone and there are 4 colors to use, so I'll have just a wee bit of changing. But I do so appreciate this great photo help.

  7. I'm new to quilting and i do love this block. I'll have to try it.

  8. Great job explaining this to me. I think I can now tackle this block with your help.
    Thanks for taking the time to put it on blogspot. Elsie from Florida

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  10. "seams" like something I should sew


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