Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a challenge

I'm in a quilt challenge with the Modern8create.
Margaret issued a challenge:
Make the "card trick" block and then
change it a few times.
Change it in any way you like.

The challenge for me was to MAKE the card trick block.
This is a block I was NEVER going to make.
It just NEVER appealed to me.

But....I was good girl and DID it.

This is the card trick block with the four corners flipped out.
Kinda nice. Hmmm?

And here it is in FOUR colors.

Four colors with the four inside squares flipped out.

WHAT was I going to do with my blocks??
I really don't love them.
Maybe it was my choice of color???

I had an Aha! moment.

Table Mats!

I made four to be used TWICE a month.

My friend Ellen and I
cook and serve a lunch to senior citizens
two Tuesdays a month.

We have been doing it for over a year now.
Woo HOo!

I had always dreamed I'd make some seasonal
quilted table toppers for the tables.

NOW I have my FIRST SET!

This is a picture of everyone from last year.

I look forward to using these
and MAybe....just maybe...
I'll make some more.


  1. I really like the second block! Great idea to turn them into table toppers instread of storing them in a dark closet.

  2. Great post! I love what you decided to do with the blocks. I'm sure they will brighten up the table.

  3. Congratulations on completing your challenge... and for turning the blocks into very useful and cheering table mats!

  4. I have seen that card trick block several times and am hoping to try it someday...maybe you could do a tutorial??:)

  5. Good for you for putting them to use!

  6. I made a card tricks quilt 6 years ago it turned out great, then last year I was going to do the same and well, I thought I was smarter than the pattern and it just didn't work out. I'm afraid of it again.

  7. I remember way back in the olden days, when I first was learning to quilt & taking my first classes. We did everything by hand & did quilt-as-you-go blocks. I resisted doing the card trick block too...and found out that it really wasn't so bad afterall!
    Your table mats are terrific! :D

  8. I like them very much, and I'm sure the seniors will appreciate how they brighten up their day.

  9. Great to see how blocks can be switched around to change their look. I am sure they will be greatly admired!

  10. Very impressive. Never would have thought that such simple switching could make such a dramatic difference in teh end result. Good idea for the finished product too.

  11. I think they are awesome and I love how you changed them around. The Seniors will love them, too.

  12. I love what you did with the blocks. You did a great job with the challange. What a wonderful thing to do for the Seniors. Hugs


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