Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giraffe fun!

 Make one 9 patch using 6" squares.
Make three more.
Cut them in fourths for a Disappearing 9 patch.
Am I stuck on this pattern???

A simle quilt.
Flannel front and back.
No batting.
Perfect for my California climate.

Another pieced backing.
Love using that fabric up!
Don't you?

This binding was hard for me to use.
There is SOME fabric that's hard for me to
I love this fabric!!!
It's almost gone! :( IS perfect for this quilt!!!
There'll always be more fabric...right?

IF you really want to make the most of the fabric you buy... want to use up those little pieces
that aren't going anywhere soon.....
And you're not attached to it...
Like I am to that cheddar check up there in that binding.....

Make Another little quilt with the leftovers!!!
Don't measure.
Don't fuss.
Just SEW. SEW. SEW!!!!
And donate some love!

This little quilt is just leftover pieces
surrounding a small scrap.
It's not the most beautiful quilt...
I saved the scraps from a long life in the cupboard
I didn't have to put them away!!!

I even used some binding strips from my 2 1/2" strips drawer
that had been wondering where they were going to end up!!!
They get to CUDDLE!!!
Isn't that what we all want?


  1. Good ideas Beth. I too like scrappy bindings.

  2. excellent, I just did the same kind of binding on my last quilt.

  3. Love it, Love it, Love it. Great idea, you are so creative. I have lots of those kinds of scraps. Looks like a weekend project to me.

    thanks for the idea

  4. I love what you did with the leftovers. Great fabric, as I'm having a thing with dots now.
    I know what you mean about using up the last piece of a fabric. I have one that I've used in every scrap quilt I've made.

  5. Both are great huggy quilts! You made a lot of frabric happy. I have a thing for plaids and checks - get very sad when they get 'tiny'. Love skinny checks and dots for bindings - they just frame a child's quilt so nicely.

  6. I have a love/hate feeling about "using up" my fabrics. I love giving them purpose but I hate thinking that I'll never be able to use that particular fabric again.

  7. Just love your quilt, what fun colors...

  8. Great job! You'll make two little people very happy with those cuties!

    I'm with you - there's some fabrics that I love so much that I want them to never be used up. I try to put some of that fabric in MY scrap quilts for me so I can enjoy it too!

  9. I've always liked the look of a "scrappy" binding...

    they are so neat looking!!



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