Saturday, January 15, 2011


I love this quilt.
I love these colors.
This is how it started.
5" squares, sewn together
and then cut in fourths.

It was so fun collecting all these pretty fabrics
that I thought might go together.
I used gold/oranges in all the center blocks.
That, I think, gives those blues a little "POP"!
I also TRIED to use darks in the middle squares that were
cut in half.

You can see here that I used some of the extra fabric
for a 5 1/2" border.
Oooooh! I can't wait to quilt this one!

I even took the time to cut my scraps into little squares!!!
2", 2 1/2", 3"......
I'm ready to begin another quilt!


  1. It's beautiful! Enjoy!

  2. beauty! love those indigo colors with Gold! nicely done beth! wahoo!

  3. I really like the planning you did on this one. Great to have the orange ones int he center, really gives your eye a place to go. Looks great!

  4. this is so pretty. i love the pattern it makes

  5. what a fun quilt and I appreciate you showing how you did it! Somewhat instant gratification and probably a great stash buster, huh? Fun fun!!!

  6. Definitely one of the nicest example that I've seen! Great fabric choices.

  7. I love the fabrics in this quilt - of course blue is my favorite color. But the hint of pink roses and the yellow/orange centers are just a perfect blend. Oh, please show us the end results and then send it to me. LOL

  8. It really is lovely Beth. I can't wait to see it quilted.

  9. So pretty, Beth - your plan worked out well and it's very striking! Love the deep blues and oranges together!

  10. What a great quilt. I love the Disappearing Nine Patch.

  11. You've given me a great idea for some blocks I have. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. The organization of the colors really make it pop! Very nice.

  13. I love this D9P! What great colors, and I like the dark/light organization you did. Scrappy and yet it has a logic that my mind likes.

    Right now I'm doing a D9P for QOV, and it's only 2 fabrics. It's boooorring!

  14. I love the color combinations in this!

  15. Totally fab quilt, Beth! It's so scrap happy!

  16. I love your quilt. I love this pattern too. I use it a lot to make American Hero Quilts.


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