Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've been quilting waves.
Around and around they go.
More ocean theme on the back!!
This quilt was free.
Yes. Free.
Everything came out of the stash....
That explains the pieced backing.
Plus a good portion of the ocean themed front
came from a fellow blogger last year!
Thank you Mama Pea.
I'm always so happy to be able to use what I have!!!

You can see the waves a little bit better here, I think.
Does it make you want to hear the ocean??
It does me.
I love the sound of the waves!!
Oooh! Wouldn't it be fun to add sound to quilts???
Hmmm...wonder how we could work that out?


  1. Take it to the beach! I'll volunteer........ Seriously, though, you could put one of those recordable disks like they put in cards in the corner.....

  2. How cool is that! Lovely quilt, just love the wave quilting to compliment the entire quilt - front and back.

  3. I love that quilting! Thanks for showing it. I need to be inspired to try different designs. I am new to free motion quilting and I love it!

  4. Those are some great waves. I've got to make a few stash quilts pretty quick before I completely run out of room around here!

  5. I would love to hear the ocean right now, and feel a nice balmy breeze. Winter is overrated. I'm ready for sunshine and flowers. And time on the beach. Your quilt certainly makes it seem just a bit closer. Nice job!

  6. the waves look great!!!
    Happy New Year! I am sorry I never got around to making a house block for your neighborhood, maybe next time!

  7. What a great free quilt. Just love your waves.

  8. I love it! The pieced backing is great.....I like to do different things with quilt backs when I have time. I think it does a lot to make quilts more interesting. There is a Christmas quilt I posted on my blog that I used leftover blocks on the back to make directional fabric go the right way. A mistake I made ended up being my favorite part of the quilt :) Your quilting is great too? Do you have a long arm?


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