Friday, January 28, 2011

Fly away.

Did you notice?
I've been getting lots of quilting in this week?
This is almost the END of my quilting vacation.
I didn't go anywhere.
I stayed home.
I stayed home a lot!
The cost was very low...Only ONE trip to buy fabric!

It's been great!!!
I really needed a vacation.
Almost everyday, after I got the kids off...
I did some sewing!
But's almost over.
I celebrated by making this little quilt for

And tomorrow to top off this great week of sewing...
I'm going to make quilt squares with friends at church!!

Next week...I'll try to get my house in order...
or will I?????


  1. You did get alot done this week! Great idea for the "stay-cation" . . . a quilt-cation!

    Who needs a house in order! They just get messy again anyway.

  2. You aways get a lot done Beth. You are amazing, just like that wonderful alzheimer art quilt.

  3. That's a beautiful little quilt, Beth! I love the 3D effect with the prairie points. And what a great idea for a staycation!!!

  4. You did get a lot of quilting done this week! Congratulations :^)

    Your little quilt for AAQI is gorgeous. My first thought was that it was a beautiful journal cover. Are the HSTs only sewed down on the seam line? Are they 2-sided? They ARE very fun!

    I'm with Ann on the whole house thing too - they do just get messy again.... ;^)

  5. I've enjoyed you sharing your 'stay-cation' - all those lovely projects. THe 3-D pairie points are a clever idea. Great framing of the little butterfly piece. My house cleaning is in a 'holding pattern' as when I plugged my vac in it went POOF! I hate shopping for vaccums - well it has been a long time ago, but they are all plastic now. I have my great grandmother's old Electrolux canister but you can't get bags for it any more.

  6. Your "little" quilt is lovely... and I'm liking that butterfly a LOT... and prairie points! Very nice indeed...

  7. I think a clean house is over rated. Your quilting projects are so much more fun. Love the prairie points.

  8. How original -- love the raw edge triangles or are they squares? I'm trying to decide if they're sewn in the seam or seamed on top.

  9. This is charming. It would make an appealing journal cover, too.

  10. Wonderful, darling quilt! And just today, I registered an AAQI quilt called 'Fly Away Home'...we're both winging it, woman!!!

  11. Beth, your AAQI quilt is awesome!!! Very clever! Gonna keep my eye out for that one ;-)

  12. I just found your blog. I love that butterfly quilt. Isn't free form fun. Just finished one too and really enjoyed the process.

  13. A very precious little quilt. I love the butterflies as a metaphor for alzheimers. The flying pieces add just the right touch!

  14. You did a beautiful job on the AAQI quilt - it's very elegant.

    And that sounds like the best kind of vacation to me!

  15. I love this. I have some random little novelty squares that I've been wondering what to do with. Maybe something like this. Those prarie points are a great detail.


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