Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Four scrappy baskets are finished.
The question now is....
what will I put in them?
Or around them?
Or between them?

The questions keep coming.....

The possibilities are endless....

Instead of goofing around with baskets, though...
I have a deadline.
A church banner deadline.

This is taking up space on my living room floor
while I plot and plan.....
I bought 3 yards of heavy weight upholstery fabric.
I bought 3 yards of sparkly black netting to lay on top.
Also 3 yards for the backing.
My paper plans are laying on top.
A star.
Some letters (rejoice).
Today I'm going to begin to figure out how to put these
pieces together and maybe even add some more
sparkling lights in that night sky!!!

Hopefully this will be a really pretty banner...
A not too gaudy banner.....
A Sparkly banner.....
that will hang well before Christmas!!!


  1. Love your little scrappy baskets!

  2. Oh love it; reminds me of purses. I'd carry one like that!

  3. Great baskets. Your banner will be great.

  4. Oh, I love your baskets! What fun!

    I think your banner idea looks great. Here's hoping it goes quickly and easily!

  5. The baskets are great and I really love the banner!! Can't wait to see it in person.


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