Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I played with this dinosaur last night.
I went looking for something in my orphan box...
saw these....
couldn't find what I'd been looking for....
Did a little sewing!!
Minutes (seconds?) later I had this!!
I told you I'm the queen of hand-me-downs. ;)
Here's some more proof.

I bet these blocks are SOOOO happy to be free!!
And I was happy to rescue them!!!
Now what to add for a border???
I like the pink,
but I don't want a pink quilt!!!

While I thought about that I made
a couple more 16 patches for my
never ending project here!!
I make a few.
Put it away.
Make a few more.
I'm going to love this quilt......
but I've learned something about 2" squares.
They don't play nice.
Sew them carefully into little 16 patches
and they immediately
into misshapen masses.
(I'm exaggerating just a wee bit)
Not the lovely squares I imagined!!!
I'm going to WIN though!
I'm not going to let these little 2" monsters
get the BEST of ME!!!!


  1. I hear you on those 2" monsters. I too am making a scrappy quilt from 2" blocks and the wonkiness astounds me! Oh well, it add "character", right?

  2. I actually do like that pink in the border sorry! As for the 2" you go girl! I can't wait to read it is done one day!

    So Go Beth..... Go Beth......Go beth (arms waving in a circle motion) Go Beth! LOL

    Hugs, Ellen

  3. The wonkiness will average out in the finished quilt - it's going to be perfect!

  4. Beth, I love to see all your inspiring! I'm also working on a never ending 2"square project. Glad to know "they don't play nice" with others...thought it was just me ;-)

  5. Is that a pretty blue I see in the second block down on the right? Might make a pretty border if you can match it.....

    And your 2" squares are beautiful - I admire your tenacity!!

  6. Ha! You'll tame those little squares when you quilt the suckers down! I have a couple of vintage quilts made of little squares and I swear their makers only gained the upper hand during the quilting process ;- )

  7. I may have a couple of dinosaurs that need unleashing. Well one day...
    Rememeber you are the boss and if they don't behave threaten them with a hot steam iron. I am sure they will play nice then.


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