Wednesday, November 10, 2010

not there yet.

I'm getting somewhere on this little quilt...
but I'm surely not there yet!!
Those berries look awfully lonely, huh?
They are.
I was thankful to have another window of opportunity today...
A meeting!!!
The perfect time to do some hand applique.
The berries were ready to go.
I was raring to go....
and the meeting was suitably l-o-n-g.

Then I thought I'd share a couple of pictures
just to make it REAL.
This is how I think.
Paper leaves and applique laying down there.
As I ponder.....

Wonder if I'll use that blue and pink???
Is that red the right shade??
Maybe I'll add a bright center to those flowers....
The questions keep coming....
The ol' quilting brain keeps ticking.
Keeps my mind clear of those pesky distractions.
You know....
dishes, laundry, dinner decisions......


  1. I just came from the other blog..just to add that the flowers look great!
    Tell me about the distractions!!!

  2. Beth, you are definitely getting there! All your scrappiness is working great together. I really like the different neutrals for the background, and those greens in the inner and outer borders on either side of the half square triangles are gorgeous! (Did that make sense?) Don't you love distractions from dinner and laundry?

  3. I just love those baskets! So cute! I can't wait to see it all done!

  4. I like what you're doing with the baskets. I really like the border.

  5. Love your baskets!...the border is perfect and I like the flowers on it...but not the blue one! :-)


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