Friday, November 26, 2010


You all know I like that word.
I'm so happy with my little quilt.
So happy that Sujata challenged us all to dream.
It's even quilted!
You know, quilting little quilts really doesn't take that long.
You've just got to sit down and DO IT!!
I stippled all that white background
closer together than I normally do.
Wow!! It sure takes a lot of thread!!

I used brown wavy lines in the baskets.
I like that part!

Can you see the vine with leaves in the green borders
and the little three petal doo-dad in the triangles?

I had fun playing with some quilting on this one.

Here's the back.
Not too exciting, but no one's going to be seeing this side.;)
I used an old piece of heavy weight fabric.
I thought it might hang better.
We'll see.

I cooked enough yesterday.
I ate enough yesterday.
I cleaned enough yesterday......

After putting these away...
I'm going to quilt!!!


  1. Wow - you did such a great job on the quilting!!! I am impressed!!

  2. A beautiful little wall hanging! Love your quilting.

  3. Beth the quilt looks beautiful! Love all that quilting!

  4. Lovely quilt!!!! I like all that quilting, too!!!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! I love the primitive folksy look, and the design is so modern at the same time. You could sell that pattern. Great job!


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