Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'd say these scraps are looking kind of perky...
wouldnt' you?
Right now I'm basting this hoping to include it
in my overnight bag.
The real reason for this post:
I will be driving along interstate 40 this week
delivering a car to my daughter.
2000+ miles.
So.... quilting friends...
Do you know of a great place to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my legs
that involves quilting???
very near the interstate???
I would really appreciate your thoughts......
Other than the fact that I'm crazy for driving so far...:/


  1. This is super cute! I'm familiar with I-20 and I-10, but not so much with I-40. Just be careful! Well wishes for your travels.

  2. Hey, Beth, I live right off I-40 just past Nashville, Tennessee! How far are you going? I know of some places and would love to meet up with you if the timing works out!

  3. What we do for our children! I love this piece and I hope that you enjoy the road trip. I'm actually a little envious, that would be so much more fun than going to work this week.

  4. always.

    what a perfect time of year to be doing a road trip.

    full tank of gas.... cel phone charged up... and munchies....nuts/fruit and bottles of water.... and you are set!!

    safe traveling..
    see you when you get back!!


  5. That turned out darling. Safe travels!

  6. This little block is getting better and better!! Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  7. Super cute and perky! Have a great trip. Hope you have some good music to listen to.

  8. I have no ideas about the trip, but must say I love the quilt

  9. This quilt is really wonderful. The border adds so much energy.

    Safe travels. That's a long drive, too bad you're not coming my way.

  10. Wow I hope you have a safe trip. That is quite a long drive.

  11. Safe travels! Not familiar with I-40. I love how you finished your quilt! Very fun.

  12. Hope you had an enjoyable safe trip. Since you posted about the trip last Sunday, I'm guessing you've already made it. Love the quilt. I love the scrappy look of it. ~Nita


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