Thursday, August 5, 2010

forward. backward.

Friends came to sew today.
Lori moved forward with her lovely 16 patches.
Jenn wants to make another one of these....

so SHE moved forward with blocks....

and more blocks.

I moved backwards.

I spent the morning ripping out.
I realized that the only way to get straight lines...
is to MARK staight lines!!!!
I really didn't want the lines to be perfectly straight...
but I did want them to meet up somewhat regularly at the edge!!
Not an easy task when you're eyeballing it.
I took some of the quilting out that wasn't straight
and then I marked some lines.
Why didn't I do that in the first place????
I'm lazy and hopeful...that's why.
I hope I'm not so hopeful next time!!!!

oh good.
It's lunch time.

I'll forget my quilty troubles with a simple lunch.

I wondered if these two would go together.

I spread this on the roll before toasting.

They go together


  1. I have read other quilters use painting tape to mar and follow their straight line quilting.

  2. Painting tape's a good idea - I always worry that my marks won't wash out, or will stain my quilting! Your sandwich looks great - makes me hungry for a farm tomato........

  3. Sewing with friends! Fun! Your lunch looked yummy too! I use quarter inch quilter's tape for straight and gentle curvy lines. It really works great and you can reuse the tape as you go.

  4. "Lazy and hopeful" - that is how I am too! You're a good example to me, ripping out and getting it right. Excited to see that finished quilt.
    Your lunch looks super - tomatoes and cheese is hard to beat.

  5. I hate it when that happens!!
    Did you grow the tomato? Don't you just love summer produce?

  6. Thanks for your encouragement friends! I've almost finished the to the binding. Yes! That was a tomato from my husband's garden. I can't take any credit for the produce...he does all the work!! YUM!

  7. I have had a love/hate relationship with my seam ripper this week: hate having to use it, love that it helps my fix my lazy/hopeful messes. And that looks like the perfect lunch!


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