Monday, August 23, 2010

A Friendly Road.

I traveled a very friendly road this past week
And missed almost a week of blogging!!
It was l-o-n-g week in blog time.
I guess you could say it was long week in People time too. ;)
I sure enjoyed the sights as I drove along, though.
It was a beautiful drive, and since I drove only in the daylight...
I didn't miss a single thing!!!

One of the things that helped me pass the time
was when I looked forward to stopping at shops like this one.

When I walked in here, I instantly felt AT HOME.
The Busy Bee quilt shop in New Mexico
knows how to make a body feel welcome.

This was my first "fun" my purchases were
pretty conservative.
"Maybe I'll be stopping at a WHOLE BUNCH of shops.
I'd better save room in my bag for all the purchases...right?"
I have dreams of someday making
a quilt with some reproduction fabric and those
solids are wonderful...don't you think?

I drove quite a few more miles before I found
(with my husband's help via the internet) this shop in Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma Quiltworks.
OOOh! I went a little wild here.
Maybe it was the heat??!
It WAS a scorcher.

I found the sale bin and that's where my
trouble began!
I have a hard time resisting that word....
It was fun and I love all my little bundles.

The last "fun" stop was by far the most fun
because it was SO unexpected!!!

As I drove along I needed one of those all important
bathroom breaks.
I saw a sign for the Tennessee Welcome center in Brownsville.
That sounded like a good place to stop.
It was.
WOW! What a welcome center.
They even had a little museum inside. It was Great!!

Guess what was taped inside the stall of the restroom??
A little flyer with some local businesses listed.
I saw "Pat's Fabrics and Collectibles".
Hmm...maybe that's a quilt shop???

I asked. Got directions. Viola!!!

All Quilting books 50% off.

Yes! Score!

Little bags of fabric...$3.
There I go trying to get a bargain again!
Oh! it was fun!!
Like I said. Even more fun because it was so

That was it for purchases this week.
It almost didn't fit in my bag for the trip home!
Here are a couple of the quilts that I just admired!
Isn't it beautiful?
Someday I'm going to make one of these...

I also liked this simple. wonderful. 9 patch!!!
I spied these quilts on the LAST day of my drive
in a wonderful place called Bell Buckle.
Thank you Sarah!!!
I was little ahead of schedule and had time to
swing by this little tiny town and gawk at the antiques!!!
You know what?
I'll probably never again drive across country
all. by. myself.
I was a little worried about the long days,
but they seemed to go pretty fast.....
especially when I had the friendly stops along the way!
Aren't quilt shops the best of friends???
We know most of the fabric that lives there.
When we walk in the door, even though we don't know the
shop keepers, we know their merchandise and it
feels homey. I think.

Glad to be back in the land of blogs
and happy to be home safe with family.
I'm blessed.


  1. I hope you got some of the home made ice cream in Bell Buckle? I didn't tell you about it because I didn't think you'd have time to stop... Isn't it the neatest little town? I'm so glad you had a good trip - maybe next time you'll have time to stop by!

  2. Phew.... glad you're back.

    oh yes a quilt shop and all its sales...
    well it just NEEDS to be dealt with..

    welcome home!!

  3. Sounds like you had a very good time. Fabric therapy is just the very best! Makes those long trips worthwhile for sure. Welcome home.

  4. Welcome back! Books at 50% off, wow, I don't think I could contain myself! Thanks for sharing!

  5. It looks like you found some great places to stretch your legs!! Beautiful purchases, beutiful scenery, and beautiful quilts!!

  6. Mom, you failed to mention the highlight of your trip!....hanging out in the apartment with all the college students. Right?

  7. Beth, I am so glad you had a safe trip! I am impressed that you drove that far all by yourself. It's so great that you had the wonderful stops to look forward to. You did good with the sales, especially that Kaffe book! Welcome home!

  8. Beth, Thanks for stopping at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, in Brownsville, Tenn., while on your cross country trip. And I'm so glad you discovered Pat's Fabric. Pat really does have some great fabrics, and quilters love her little shop. Whenever you are by our way again, please stop in and say "hello."


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