Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my creative space-quilt treasure.

I have a little quilt treasure that lives at my house.
These blocks were given to me a few years ago by
someone who thought I might like them.
Like Them...?
Like Them...?
how 'bout
As you can see there are a whole bunch!!
Now the sad part.
I don't know anything about these little guys.
I don't know who made them.
I don't know the name of the block.
I have never seen a quilt using this design.
Have you?!!!

They even came with the bias tape for stems
and a template because most of them are unfinished.
The template doesn't quite fit the outline of the block...
so again, I'm very curious.....
Can you cure my curiousity today??
You can see some more creative spaces here.


  1. hi beth- it looks very familiar....lucky you. i'm drooling at your gift....

    my guess would be that you sew the kites together in almost a flower shape,with the end of the stem in the center. the hexagon will fit in between each kite flower...

    clear as mud....i also think that a small circle was to be appliqued in the center point of the kites to help camo the bulk.

  2. Wonderful pieces of blocks, and I love the blue! I'm guessing Shannon (above) is correct. This looks like it could be an outstanding quilt!


  3. I agree with Shannon. I'm curious as to how old the blocks might be. The fabrics make me think they go back a ways.

  4. I don't have any info to offer but I do know that you will make them into something spectacular and someone, looking down from above, will be very happy with what you've done with her started quilt.

  5. It's a mystery ... but a very special one. Good luck solving it!

  6. Lovely!!!

    Quite a puzzle....and one, I know you will do a fantastic job with!!


  7. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt top.

  8. Checking in to see if you had an answer to the pattern. It will be pretty put together. Good luck!

  9. Pokey,
    I didn't have anyone who knew for the sure the pattern, but I did get LOTS of ideas as to how to put it together - thanks everyone! I would love to know more someday.

  10. Such pretty pieces! Swing them around and piece them so the points go outward. The hexagon piece goes in the middle. You will then fill in the areas between the points with diamond shapes, which will create a hexagon shaped block.
    The nearest thing I saw in my books and files is called Boutonniere, or Six Point Flower Garden.
    You may have something original..or at the very least, something rare? It looks like it will be a very pretty quilt? :)


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