Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love it when we can take something as
humble as a cloth diaper and turn into
something beautiful!!!

Jennifer did just that!
She added a simple flannel piece and
a little name tag.
Now won't that new Mommy enjoy wiping up
formula a little more??

Here's a whole set of pretty things that are so practical!!



  1. So cool! I hope there will be new babies coming into my family in the futures so I can make more great stuff. When my twin nieces and nephews were born (before I started quilting) I painted little motifs on flannel cloths, bibs and duvet covers with fabric paint. Grandson inherited one of the covers after it had been used for 3 boys.

  2. That is a really neat idea---something simple even I might do...if the urge to sew suddenly struck me upside the head. (I cook, not sew, but I still enjoy seeing the creations you turn out.)

    Actually, I could teach my kids to make those and give them as gifts...


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