Monday, February 22, 2010


Yesterday I made a bunch of these
Half square triangles.

I have a few baby quilts to make and thought
I'd begin with this simple block.
What can I do with four?





And how, you may ask, did you get your blocks to be so perfect?
I had a little (lot of) help.

Triangles on a roll come in real handy.
I'm pretty good at....

I'm not good at...
1/4 inch.
matching points.
You get the picture.

I put two pieces of fabric together.
Right sides together.
Lay that handy paper on top.
Sew along the lines.
I know I never would have tried these on my own.
I'm NOT a gadget person.
But they were a gift.
Sooo......Now I'm kinda hooked.

Fold that paper back.

Now here's the real trick!
The really good Hot tip!
Hold that edge on the left and RIP the paper off!

This little piece comes right off!


I'm OFF to make some more!

While I did that this little friend helped out!
She's probably my best friend in the kitchen.

Four ingredients.
Put those meatballs in the crockpot with the sauce.
serve on rolls with melted cheese.
Did you notice there's not much bread?
I forgot to take a picture until we'd already started eating.
there's only 1/2 a roll left....

And one more bite!
Let me get a picture!!!
I almost didn't make it!


  1. Bless you! I'm always looking for simple and quick recipes for days when I'd rather sew than cook (okay, EVERY day). How long did you cook the meatballs, since I'm assuming they are precooked? I think my son would love these!


  2. Joan - I cooked mine for 4 hours on low, but my crockpot runs a little hot. Hope your son enjoys them and that you get one too before he eats them up!

  3. Oh have been so busy!!
    creative and your projects are ALL great!!
    I got sooo behind on what you have been doing...but I'm all caught up now!!

  4. I love your triangles, and yes, that paper stuff works great, I am just learning on how to use it, I can see that I am going to love it also. That other friend you have there, yes she does come in handy at times, love your little meal there.
    Sue from WI

  5. Beth, those triangles are great. I've seen a lot of Thangles being used in Blogland. Might need to give those a try. I used my handy dandy slow cooker for dinner today too.

  6. I have not tried Triangles on a roll, but I have used Thangles. It's pretty much the same other that it does not come on a roll. I used it for a chicken quilt and it was perfect!
    Have fun putting your triangles together; they look good no matter with setting you choose!


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