Saturday, February 6, 2010

all done!!

While you were all voting on your favorite lay out........
I did it!! (it was the perfect rainy day activity!)
Not exactly like any of the options I originally thought of.
I really like those diagonal blue lines going here and there.
See what playing around with blocks will get you??
Thanks for playing along with me!
What block should we work on next??
This block was a FUN one!


  1. It looks great! To me it looks like a picnic quilt :)

  2. Very cool, Beth! Modern and with surprises in it! I like a quilt that takes an unexpected twist or turn! Okay, I'll try to blog soon about mine and maybe re-try the block in a style more befitting my current tastes. And I'll link back to yours! Really fabulous!

  3. That looks excellent. My favourite block is the simple pinwheel.

  4. I love it! The darker prints provides the perfect abstract!

  5. You wild and crazy woman! Leave it to you to come up with an out-of-the-box lay out. I really like it 'cause those blue strips still are the focal point. Great combo of colors!

  6. And isn't it neat, too? You didn't show us this choice! Sneaky. Great job, I love seeing all the endless possibilities. :-}

  7. I like your setting. I have a split nine patch in progress. It is a little different than your block. Mine has an HST in the middle instead of at each end. Great layout!


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