Friday, February 19, 2010


I was reminded again today why I love to blog.
Besides the fact that I love to quilt,
Why do I take pictures and blab about quilting??

Well, there are just so many nice people out there!
It makes life so much sweeter!

When I asked a couple of days ago about these little blocks,
I got some help!
Joan e-mailed Ann and Ann gave me lots of great info.
The block might be called...
Boutonniere or Six Point Flower Garden.
The hexagon template fits in the middle there.
Now, WHEN will I get around to putting this together?
I don't know.
But, I do know there's a lot of
KINDNESS floating around blogland.
I'm going to hang out here some more!
Thank you Joan and Ann.


  1. I'm so glad that worked out! When I first read your post I thought of Ann, but figured someone else might know. When I checked back and no one had come up with anything, I just had to see if Ann knew. I was betting that she would, and she did not disappoint. My lame attempts at online research for came up empty.

    Some quilting projects I rush right through, and others I just work on a bit here and there between other projects. Maybe this will be one of those projects for you. I just love that blue background!

  2. Isn't the internet wonderful?
    You've got the pieces just as they should be now. ;) The blue is such a clear, pretty blue.
    What a special gift you've been given! When the time is'll get this put together...and your quilt will be beautiful.

  3. What great colors and what a fun pattern. It looks like it might've been a quilt kit. Lucky you for getting such a cool project to finish.


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