Wednesday, July 22, 2009

old and new

i used an apron a while back at work. i sometimes substitute teach at a school for handicapped adults. the class i was in that day was a home living skills class. so-o-o i wore that apron. it was old. a real classic. AND i loved it. i thought about that apron. and i thought some more. how could i have that apron? well, the teacher let me borrow the apron and this is what i came up with....the new is good, but old one has something i couldn't duplicate. i'm not sure what it is. the texture of the cotton after so many washings?

the old apron is now at school and the new one is in my kitchen. :)


  1. When I get married, I would love to have an apron like that. Hint hint.


  2. i think you'll be getting sooner than that. hint hint.


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