Friday, July 24, 2009

the finishing touch

Everytime I finish a quilt I TRY to sew a small label on it. This is my label KIT. It includes: small pieces of wax paper (that can be used a few times), small pieces of white or off-white fabric, fabric pens and two books that I use for inspiration.

First, I iron a piece of wax paper on the back of the fabric. This helps steady the fabric while I write the words and draw my little picture.

After my picture and message are complete I turn the edges under and whip-stitch it on. This quilt is the hexagon that I finished a couple of weeks ago. Why did I wait until the night before giving it away to make the label?

These labels are usually very simple...the name of the person or persons receiving the quilt, a date and a little DOODLE around that. I like to use curvy lines, leaves and flowers using dots. Very simple! Of course, it's always a good idea to put YOUR name too. :)

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