Friday, July 3, 2009

backpacking fever

My husband and two of my children will be leaving in a couple of weeks for a long backpacking trip. They will be hiking the John Muir trail which is about 230 miles. I made these bags (stuff sacks in backpack language) for them to use. Aren't they cute? I found the ripstop fabric, cord and fasteners all at my local fabric store. They were simple to make and my husband thinks I can do anything, just because I can make these simple bags. :) The next project is going to be more difficult - raincoats! We'll see how that goes. Maybe I can quilt while they're gone.


  1. I pretty much think you CAN make anything!! I'm sure the raincoats will turn out great.

  2. you and carol should get together on backpacking gear sewing... i bet there's a market out there for them! Diane

  3. You are seriously attempting raincoats??? How are the seams handled so that rain doesn't go through? I am very curious!


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