Friday, July 17, 2009

count to 100!

My solution to time out and the 100's chart - make a quilt! My little girl gets an opportunity every so often to "go to your room and count to 20". As she grows the number will grow and it's already there on the wall! My older kids also had to "go count to 100", but their chart was a long piece of paper tacked to the wall close to the ceiling. As they got older, the number line morphed into "go do your 3 times tables" (3x1=3, 3x2=6, etc.). I get a little break to calm my nerves and I foolishly (?) think they might be using their BRAINS.

I used iron-on fabric adhesive, cut little squares, ironed them on and quilted over everything! I then used a fabric pen and wrote the numbers under each little block.


  1. What a great idea! My girls are still learning to talk (ahem... eat and sit up more like it) but definately something I will put in the inspiration stash for later!

  2. oh my goodness , this is the cutest thing.

  3. What a perfect "baby shower" gift....

    Hopefully an encouragement for productive discipline??



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