Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Color inspiration comes to us in MANY ways.
Sometimes it's in our kitchen!
I just love this little plate!!!
It's been sitting on my stove as a sort of spoon rest.
It cheers me everytime I look at it!

It's fun to put all that color into a QUILT!!!
This is the beginning of a VERY large Disappearing 9 patch.
My squares were cut into 9" pieces!!!

I've decided I really like LITTLE pieces of fabric the BEST...
When you want to finish a quilt in a hurry...
You'd better cut 'em BIG!!!!


  1. the best kind of spoon rest....
    definitely cheery!!!
    oh..... i am going to make it a mission of mine to try cutting them big.....

  2. I prefer smaller pieces too Beth; but, you gotta love these quick quilts to get em done.

  3. What a pretty plate! Great color inspiration for sure. I just love doing larger blocks on occasion. Does make the quilt come together much faster.

  4. The plate is pretty...you see opportunities everywhere!

  5. these are such fun inspiration colors

  6. Those colors are really gorgeous! Great inspiration.

  7. Beth, you are so clever. I love those colours in a quilt and a plate.

  8. I love integrating parts of my life like this! Inspiration is such a beautiful thing. That little plate makes ME happy too (I use a blue and white Chinese plate for my spoons!).

  9. I love those colors. I made the disappearing nine patch with 7 inch blocks once. I like the idea of going bigger.

  10. The colors are great. You have inspired me to go take a look at my own dishes in a new way!

  11. Unfortunately, I love small pieces of fabric best, too, which means all my quilts seem to take FOREVER to piece! Thank goodness for alternating blocks and the like. You know, I need a spoon rest; I wonder what I can scrounge up to do the trick...