Sunday, March 4, 2018

Monday Making

This is my work for the week.
Another Graduation quilt with SCRAPS, of course.

I originally thought I'd divide the rows
with strips of muslin.
The scraps had another plan!!!

I"ll be here sewing scraps together this week.
Adding muslin strips and borders would have been SOooo much faster!
What are YOU making???


  1. Yes, the quilts sometimes tell us what they want. Yours did not want sashing. Great work!

  2. Faster yes, but the right way to progress? Evidently not. I love the look as it is, great job!

  3. oooh... you are making progress. How many do you need to make this year? I think you mentioned it before but no memory of it now in this brain!

  4. glad you skipped the muslin strips...this is fantastic!

  5. I just love this quilt! I was rushing through yesterday reading and catching up, but had to leave your tab open to come back and analyze it. It's wonderful, earthy and masculine, and bet it will feel as good as it looks. I have a large box flowing over with shirts I've collected, and a project like this is calling me. Your graduation quilts inspire me every year. Still in love with your churn dash quilts from past years!


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