Friday, March 2, 2018

Emphasis on Purple

I am happy to report I have another graduation quilt
READY to be quilted!

This one is scrappy
but I tried to emphasize PURPLE.

I was gifted the border fabric recently.
(when friends know you SEW,
they tend to GIVE you the fabric they don't WANT anymore!)
I rarely say "no" to FREE.
It's a very soft lavender gingham.

I left the edges UNCUT just like the last one I made.
I received lots of helpful comments on that post.
THANK you so MUCH!

It's a nice feeling to be AHEAD of the game
on these graduation quilts.
I need to make FOUR this is my HALF way point.

quilt info:
I made four patches with 3" squares.
2 white and 2 colored.

I joined them on the diagonal so they would be ON POINT.
The border pieces are all 5 1/2"x 9"...
one 10" square cut on the diagonal (two triangles)
 for the two corners that needed them.
(You can barely see one corner in the bottom of second photo)


  1. So cheerful! And the border fabric is ideal.

  2. This is a beautiful quilt. I keep thinking about a one-patch (is that what this is called) or a quilt with alternating blocks like this. Maybe one of these days. What size are the squares?

  3. I love scrappy quilts like this. Congrats on reaching the half way point with graduation quilts. I'm only making one this year. The 4 I did last year, did me in for mass production for a bit.

  4. LOVE this scrappy quilt top!! Two down. Two to go. And MONTHS remain til graduation!! Best of luck on the finishing.


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