Sunday, March 25, 2018

Monday Making

This is a partial look at my stack of Table mats.
There are SEVEN that have been quilted!
That means there are
SEVEN that need binding.
 SEVEN that need ME to roll that binding over the raw edge
and HAND stitch it down!!!

I'm not sure there are enough meetings
and doctor appointments to give me the TIME
I "need" to do all that hand stitching.

I just MAY have to resort to netflix as I stitch.
Poor me.

I also finished a HAND WOVEN baby blanket this week.
This project makes me SMILE!!!

This blanket was warped up with a few colorful yarns
and THEN....
I wove with WHITE yarn to soften the color.

I hope to add binding to this blanket in between the table mats this week!
I COULD turn the raw edge there under.
 But this time I want to try a binding.

Weaving has been a learning experience for me.
and I LOVE learning HANDS ON!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. I love all the table mats. If I was closer, I'd offer to do the binding. I really enjoy binding and think it may just be my favorite part of quilting. :-)

  2. Oh the mats are looking great, particularly like the four patches with the lemon border. And weaving, wow, seriously impressive.

  3. You've been making steady progress on all your projects. The baby blanket is beautiful. Love the soft colors.

  4. How do I say, Bowled over and super impressed! You weave, too? It's absolutely beautiful! I used to stand and watch a local weaver make his specialty rugs, and the rhythm and sound was so soothing. You are multi-talented!

  5. Wow!!!! I love the table mats = they are so neat! and a woven rug? impressive!

  6. Wow -- you are making placemats AND now you are actually weaving your own blankets by hand, like one yarn at a time?! I am so unworthy!

  7. The tablemats are so beautiful, kudos to you!

  8. You will have fun with those tablemat bindings. Hopefully, Netflix will keep you entertained. ;-)


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