Sunday, October 23, 2016

Monday Making

I traveled back in time...
 to my high school days this week
and did a little macrame!

Back in the day...
we had a class called ARTS and CRAFTS!
We learned how to macrame..
as well as 
Batik, Rug punch and Weave.

This little plant hanger requires only ONE kind of knot.
Very simple.

My little baby "spider plant" now has a place to grow some roots.

What are YOU makers out there 


  1. I also remember macrame! It was fun! Hmmmm....your plant hanger would be a great Christmas gift for my plant loving friends! Thank you for a trip back in time!

  2. I did alot of macrame. Favorite story- I hung my plants on the porch and they disappeared. Next day I saw one hanging in my neighbor's window. The plant would have been hard to identify, but the macrame was mine. We moved.

  3. We use to do so much macrame. I should do a few now for some of my pots. Yours looks great.

  4. I used to love macrame! I made so many pot holders back in the late 70's early 80's - but then I had tons of inside plants too - then we moved and I had so much less light in the house that I went to less and less plants and eventually quite macrame and turned to quilting.

  5. Oh yes, great classes were offered back when the budget allowed for that! I remember macrame, cooking, sewing, international foods (another cooking class) It was fun.
    This looks so pretty. I love the simplicity of the vase, plant and the simple macrame.

  6. Macrame! I did a lot of that in the early 80's. I still love the look of it!

  7. We must be of the same vintage. I took that class too;-)

  8. Boy, that takes me back. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That sounds like a really fun class. I can remember taking Home Ec in middle school and never again. Sigh. Love the little plant holder.

  10. I remember macrame. I never did any, but my Mother was into all crafty things and did a bit of all of them.

  11. How fun! My mom used to have all of her plants hanging in those pot holders - great memory!

  12. Summertime often finds me being crafty like this! My granny taught me macrame...though I'd have to relearn now! LOL!! I have a spider plant that is going crazy!!! I've so far created three new plants from it!!


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