Sunday, October 9, 2016

Monday making

I am on a TABLE MAT kick!

Here's another small beauty using UP some of the scraps
that FILL my bins!

It's made of flannel
and it's hand quilted!

Oh...there are few plaid shirtings in there too.
I LOVE repurposing old clothing...
especially stripes and plaids!!!

What are YOU making this week??

Link up and share..
Hop around and spread some encouragement!!!


  1. A cute little project!! Upcycling is so good! I try to do that too.

  2. Very pretty! Great way to use up some of those scraps.

  3. Your hand quilting looks so good! Tiny little stitches, oh my!

  4. Love table mats. Today I'm working of Christmas gifts.

  5. Your table mats are darling! I love the hand quilting. You know, I enjoyed the hand quilting on the one project I finished that way, but it took SO LONG... I hadn't really considered hand quilting for smaller projects, but really it's ideal because they're so much more portable than a bed quilt in a hoop, and when it's finished and it's on the table, everyone can notice and admire those lovely stitches so much easier than a big quilt that you see from a distance on a bed.

  6. What a great way to use up the small pieces. You must be making a dent in them. (but don't they regenerate overnight?)

  7. You used so many different kinds of fabrics in your table mat and the effect is great. Table mats are a fun way to use your scraps.

  8. Your hand quilting looks beautiful on the colourful fabrics. Thank you for hosting!



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