Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Finish

When my Mom said she'd like an armchair pincushion this week....

I hopped over to pinterest and looked around.
It's so easy to find inspiration there!

I used ONLY the scraps
that were ON TOP of the other scraps!
I didn't have time to dig too deep.
The bottom piece is actually an orphan block.
I added a nine patch pincushion
and some little pockets.

There's a pocket for scissors
and a bigger pocket for thread scraps or something else!

Inspiration for this project came from Amy.

Hope you like it MOM!!!


I'm not the only one who MAKES at my house.
These days, I have a nurse who works with my foster baby.

She WHIPPED this little beanie up
after I purchased a BEE costume for the little one.

Isn't it SWEET????
Those little antennae are simply AMAZING!


  1. Oh I love the little bee hat! What a clever lady she is (I cannot knit or crochet to save myself). Great job with the pincushion - great use of scraps.

  2. That is one cute bee hat! Your mom will love her new armchair pin cushion. I may have to figure out one for myself some day. Better than stashing pins in the armchair.

  3. You came up with a great pin cushion for your moms chair. She should get some great mileage out of it. So nice that the nurse also has crafty talents. Those antenna are a wonderful touch for any self respecting bee.

  4. Great use of your scraps for something so useful. I am sure your Mom is loving it.

  5. Looks great! I'd love to have you link up to Finished or Not Fridays each week!

  6. I love your pincushion idea. Very nice. The bee beanie is super cute.

  7. Two great makes in one post, a great idea the arm rest pin cushion and a perfectly delightful bee hat!
    Love them both : )

  8. What an adorable little hat! And one great nurse.
    I stuck pins in my armchair till I made myself a pin cushion back in March. I am so happy that I did! Anyone who does some handwork needs one. Your mom will be very happy!

  9. I love the beanie!!! Is the pattern available? You are such a sweet daughter. Your Mom will treasure your precious gift! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I just found the pattern if anyone's interested! It's at It even has the pattern for the tush cover! ;)

  11. very nice pincushion. hmmmm you mean I am NOT supposed to put the pins in the arm of the couch?
    LOL I may need to make one for ME.

  12. Oh the bee beanie is too cute! What a fun costume. The pin cushion turned out nicely, lots of useful features too.

  13. I sooooo need to make one of these pincushions!! Your mom will love it I'm sure. You foster babies...Bless you!!!


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