Sunday, January 3, 2016

Monday Making

My new year is off to a GREAT beginning.
A quilt top is complete....already!!!
As you can see, it's a simple pattern...
but it's DONE!  Woo hoo!

The center batik squares were gifted to me this Christmas.
and the rest was in my stash.
I found out that one of the graduating senior girls loves purple.
I always make the kids at church a quilt when they graduate
and once in while I ask what colors they prefer.
I'm amazed at how frequently purple is requested.

I don't care for purple.
I've never loved purple.

but...I do think this quilt turned out quite nice...
even if it is HEAVY on the purple.
Oh....It's good to be STRETCHED once in while, right???

What are YOU making this week??
Does it involve a color your don't prefer??


  1. I am so not a purple person either, but I love seeing purple in quilts. That is beautiful and will be loved by your senior.

  2. I like purple well enough but I hardly ever use it or by it. The quilt looks wonderful though. I like the grey with all those yummy batiks.

  3. What a great bright happy quilt with the purple..
    I was a Red Hatter for awhile and actually wore red and purple...LOL....

  4. Beautiful quilt top! I love the way the grey sets off the bright colors.

  5. It is lovely. Such a bright and happy quilt.

  6. Beautiful quilt, but then I love purple! Thanks for posting

  7. Oh I think that is just beautiful! I like your designs

  8. A quilt top already plus a gift? Wow, that's impressive. I'm not a purple person either and I'm old and not wearing it either but I have to say that color combination is very appealing in a quilt.

  9. Love the vibrant colors in this one. They really pop with the purple. I love the richness of purple, put I don't wear it much or use it in my decor. But I've made a lot of purple quilts. Congrats having a finish already in 2016.

  10. Really enjoy your blog and see what you are doing. It is nice of you to host the linky party but could you make the squares a bit bigger? These old eyes have trouble seeing the photos.

  11. Hi Beth, that's a great scrappy design x


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