Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Making

It's Monday!
Time to think about what I'd like to make this week!
All I could manage this morning
was to pull this old friend out.

 This is a quilt I made a few years ago that doesn't scream Christmas...
but I think it fits in with all the red and green!
I used paper pieced stars ala Peggy Martin
and some applique by ME.

I've been pulling out my Christmas quilts
and Plopping them here and there.
Christmas decorations are going to be VERY minimal this year
due to a long kitchen remodel going on.
Christmas cookies can't even be baked!!!
I'm just crossing my fingers it'll be done before the 25th.
I'm so glad remodels happen only ONCE in a lifetime.

What are you making???
I want to hear all about it!


  1. That quilt says Christmas to me. Ha! Once in a life time remodel? Um, we've remodeled kitchens at least twice already. It comes from moving every few years. Since we've lived in the current house, 5 1/2 years, we've remodeled our bathroom, the kitchen and finished the attic. We thought this would be our last house but not so much now when we realize how long it takes to mow about an acre of grass. Seemed wonderful at the beginning... not so much now. Sigh.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt - the points are so sharp, I am nervous they'll prick my finger :-)
    Thank you for all the inspiration :-)

  3. That's a pretty quilt, Beth. If it is not done by the 25th I am sure that you can serve up plenty of plates of dust!!!! That's the worst part of it all.

  4. My favorite parts are the YOU parts -- the vases of leaves & berries. A very pretty Christmas quilt.


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