Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Making

Christmas is almost here.......
so I pulled out my box of Christmas fabric!!
It's not too late - YET - to make a Christmas quilt!!!

It's MY way of AVOIDing the wrapping of all those gifts.
I confess....Wrapping is NOT my favorite.

I know the day will come.
I know I'll have to DO IT!
I also know how to AVOID it for as long as possible!

Anyone else have trouble fussy cutting??
This seems SO wrong!!

My frugal nature had a HARD time cutting this fabric!!!

I have enjoyed having a sewing buddy read to me though!!
One of the perks of the holiday BREAK!!!

What are you up to???
Link up and share.


  1. My mama always made quilts with the scarps of dresses, slipcovers and drapes. It took me a long long time to get used to the idea of cutting up "yardage" to make a quilt.
    I love the looks and stories fussy cut quilts create but I get the hebbi jebbies every time I contemplate fussy cutting into anything bigger then about 5 inches to get that perfect piece.

  2. Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas! Thanks for hostessing this linky party!

  3. Love that vintage fabric! Nice to have a reader at your side - my furkids haven't learned that yet. The Holiday music is playing in the background instead.

  4. Ok. I like to make Christmas things during the Christmas season, too, but rarely do they get done. I also have a stomach ache when I think of cutting into lovely fabric to fussy cut one thing. Boohoo. I will say, though, it is an excellent use of that fabric, and will be a sweet quilt! Don't feel so bad.

  5. I've learned to wrap the gifts for each person on a different day. All of it together makes me crazy and really really cross. (I swear that finding the right boxes is the WORSE part of it all)

  6. Fussy cutting looks so good in the quilt and disastrous on the leftover fabric! I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular sewing.

  7. Awww...your Christmas quilt is so homey and has a vintage feel to I was at a Country Bed & Breakfast. Way to capture a feeling in quilt!!!

  8. What a sweet last minute quilt! I have the same trepidation about "stack and whack" style cutting of beautiful fabrics -- always feels like I'm ruining it!!

  9. Very fun Christmas quilt. Ah yes, I know well the dread inspired by wrapping Christmas presents. It's on the agenda today. When I get those all done, I get to sew. It's the only motivation that works.

  10. Fussy cutting can be a challenge. I think that somewhat disembodied eyes are creepy -- even in pieces as small as 1.5" postage stamps.

  11. i too would not enjoy fussy cutting, and i haven't had to do so,
    however, you're (thankfully) is squares, so the leftovers has straight edges - and so much easier to use in scrap quilts.....rather then maneuvering through round edges.
    i must teach the cats to take up reading to sounds like an amazing accompaniment to the sewing room.

    Merry Christmas Beth!! Hope you have a blessed Christmas, and a happy & peaceful New Year!!

  12. That's a great way to avoid wrapping. When we were kids my grandpa just used brown paper sacks from the grocery store. I think that is my method too ;-)


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