Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Working Wednesday

I'm not always proud of my machine quilting...
(there are tension issues, oops! moments, little puckers....)
But when it's all DONE...
I'm PROUD I did it!!!
I made the WHOLE thing!
That's what I need to focus on as I wrestle with my friend here.

I know I will love making my bed with this PINK and blue quilt!


  1. Well done on doing it all yourself. When it's all done I can promise you no one will notice the puckers and tension issues

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  3. A "perfect" quilt does not exist. Personally, I like the quiltss that look like real people made them.

  4. sew sew pretty you should be proud!

  5. "Wrestle" is the key word. That's the main reason I fight doing machine quilting. However, like you, I'm happy when I see it through, despite the imperfections. This quilt will be very pretty! Good luck.

  6. This looks so pretty! I would love to see a pic of the whole thing, maybe on your bed someday?

  7. I get so frustrated with myself when the quilt is at the machine . . . later, after laundering and a bit of use, I am MUCH happier. LOVELY job on yours!

  8. Oh I love seeing this little bit of your wonderful quilt! Great work!


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