Thursday, July 9, 2015

A teeny tiny trip

I began a journey yesterday.
Let's call it a HUNT!

I'm in the midst of finding the PERFECT pattern
for knitted baby socks/slippers.

I know this journey will be delightful!
It will involve trips to the library to find more knitting books.
It will include trips to the knitting shop to ask advice
and POSSIBLY purchase something appropriate for this quest.

It may or may NOT involve learning to knit a heel.....
and double pointed needles!
Isn't that called turning the heel??

Want to come along???
It would be so nice to travel with YOU!

If you happen to have any
"Traveling" advice on patterns...
Drop me note and I'll include it my
Wanderings with needles and yarn!!!!

The moccasin-like slippers above
are a twist on a basic baby booty pattern
that I've had for a while.
(something like this one)
It's a pretty basic KNIT, fold and add a seam pattern.
I added a ribbing to the cuff.


  1. Enjoy the journey. And share with us! Several years ago, as I was looking longingly at sock yarns and patterns, a fellow shopper asked if I knit socks. Of course not. I only knit scarves and dishcloths. She was so enthusiastic and assured me that I woul love the process as well as the product, that I hurriedly bought the necessary items and got started. I have now knit a dozen pairs or more, and she was so right! There are many approaches, and most all of them work. I now prefer knitting two at a time on circular needles. But I've nev knitted baby booties. So please share!

  2. I had my heart absolutely set on making the Better Than Booties Baby Socks (free online pattern - I don't think I can post the link, but it comes up in a Ravelry search) but my babies grew up before I ever got around to it. Super Quick Baby Socks will guide you step by step through turning a heel. (Ravelry again -- see, I save you a trip to the library!)

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'll be checking that out. ;)

  3. Those are so cute! I love the colors. Have fun with your journey.

  4. Oh Beth before you attempt to do the heel with DP needles check with your local shop or a seasoned knitter about using a circular needle. I tried a couple of times with the double points and gave serious consideration on giving up. There are 2 different options here one is one circular for a sock or somehow doing 2 socks at the same time on I believe 2 circular needles, can't remember exactly, I found it too confusing for me. Anyhow once you do a tube on one circular I think you'll be hooked. I do hats and sleeves and mittens and socks without issue.

  5. Such cute booties! I look forward to seeing what others you make and hearing your thoughts about various patterns.


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