Sunday, May 3, 2015

Monday Making with a song

It's a new WEEK! 
It's a new DAY!
A week to be MAKING
and SEWING all the day.
You do a little making
and you do a little GIVING...
THAT's what it's all about!!
(sung to the tune of hokey pokey)

And yes...
It IS a kind of HOKEY song.

This is the week for quilting for me!

I have quilt tops that need to be QUILTED!

I'm calling it quilting "season"

Due dates are here....
My machine is now running smoothly....
and I can get 'em DONE!!

This quilt was purchased and has a new happy home.
How could it's new home NOT be happy
with all that COLOR!!!

The backing is even bright!!

What are you up to this week??

Share what you're up to
and do that thing you do BEST!!
Encourage others.
This is such a GREAT neighborhood to be part of!!
The link to the block used in this quilt is HERE.
Tried to link in the comment section
and didn't have much success.


  1. This is such a bright and cheery quilt. Definitely will make a happy home.

  2. how do you make these blocks??? do you have a tutorial for them???
    they're great, i love the quilt!!

    1. I found the tutorial for this block here:
      way back in 2011!! About TIME I quilted this one! ;)


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