Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monday Making

When I am not at home...
I'm knitting.

There are doctor appointments....
camping trips.....
evenings visiting with family......
waiting here....
waiting there....

If it is gets DONE!!!!
Knitting projects are all in little tote bags ready to go!!!

Making little beanies seems to be one of my
"GO TO" projects.

What are you up to this week????

This is ONE knitting project that challenged me.
The TREETOP lace rows were QUITE a STRETCH for this novice knitter!!!
I purchased this soft yarn and pattern
on a recent anniversary trip.
It's fun to celebrate with a NEW project!

Two of the challenging rows are now DONE.
They have BEEN conquered!!!

Now I get to knit and purl...
knit and purl....
for a LONG time.

I have this little knit project "at the READY "
for the next appointment....
the next long CAR ride...
the next meeting!!!
I look forward to using this SOFT wrap when the weather cools off.

Link up and join the party.
Hope you're able to fit some MAKING into your week!!!


  1. I wish I could knit! My take along project is hexagons - I can get loads tacked while husband drives!

  2. I have lost that eye/hand with knitting and crochet - very cute hats. Thank you for the inspiration for the scrap quilt - almost finished with mine and love it.

  3. Love the knitting projects! I never leave home without a knitting project in my bag.. my go to project is socks... I knit LOTS of socks... so many pretty sock yarns to play with!

  4. I too have projects for "on the go". one is a knit afghan. I do knit dishcloths too for a fast finish. those I can usually finish when I am waiting for an oil change. love love love your beanies and that yarn!