Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quilts for the Table - Part two

This weekend I was able to get FIVE more table quilts FINISHED.
If you know me a little bit...
You'll know one of my FAVORITE words is DONE!!!

These little quilts were almost done...
but they needed quilting and BINDING.

Now...I can say...I"m finished.
They are COMPLETE.

A few stray strings???
But...I'm going to call them done.

My goal is 12 table quilts for an upcoming retreat
to be auctioned off.

I'm up to NINE!!!

What are YOU up to this week????

Link up and let us know what YOU'RE making.


  1. Each is lovely, but I'm a sucker for those dresdens! The red gingham...YUM!

  2. Every one is it's own unique creation, good job to have nine done already!!!

  3. Wow! You are making amazing progress! Looking good.:)

  4. I love the Dresden plate mats.

  5. these are adorable! What a fun way to play with color and design - so quick, too, unlike a whole quilt.


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